Friday, September 23, 2011

Locked Out

!±8± Locked Out

Nobody likes being locked out of the house, especially in winter.

The home is your sanctuary, your safe place. Provides protection, security and warmth. Heck, Xbox, Twizzlers and chips in it.

Last February, during the frozen food supermarket of Mother Nature, Green Bay, I had the house to myself for the afternoon and, in my opinion a bit 'much needed cleaning kit. The jeans, a T-shirt and slippers to wear, with my pastWomenswear week before the experimental phase.

Job was vacuuming. Our group of cats produces an extraordinary amount of hair, and I immediately filled the Dyson with the equivalent of the value of a whole animal hair. I walked into the garage to empty the vacuum, be sure to close the door behind me, not a precious stone or hot air to escape to leave this cold day.

I was on a roll, Getting Things Done, takes care of business, moving, shaking, rocking and rollingto beat my hand to the doorknob on the way back home - has refused to move. After trying everything I could think of, the stubborn door (ie move the handle a lot) to open, it was obvious that I was not always at home by the way I am in

The first thought I had was, how to get the door closed? It could be my daughter was playing with the castle? He jam? Evil spirits? As a result, the elements involved less rational thought found to make a fire (woodShelves and gasoline were taken into account) and select a place for my needs (rubbish bins and a bicycle helmet child were options). However, I had to find a way back home, like below zero would not forgive a man in slippers and a 1984 Huey Lewis T-shirts.

My best was to hope that I carelessly left unlocked one of the other three doors of our house. To test, I had to go out, dressed more for a hot toddy before aCamino as an expedition through the frozen snow, which in my garden. I got around the garage and found a pair of rain boots that were a marked improvement of slippers. And even if I do not find a jacket, a few old blankets on the move should have done.

The image of Clark Griswold in his attic to keep warm briefly flashed through my mind when I left the garage to check the other three ports. Nothing to do, Chicago. They were denser than Ned Flanders blocked alibi.

Ihurried back to the relative warmth of the garage, breathing heavily attacked in part because of cold air my lungs, in part, because around the house is now a serious workout in my sedentary life.

I had a new plan - freezing toes I barking that the garage is not a long term solution. I basically had two realistic options: the good old standing next to a neighbor and ask for his phone number or a quarter of a mile walk, I can think ofParent along the golf course and get a spare key.

Many do not want to look like an idiot, I naturally chose the only real way to the house of my mother. I would be much less embarrassing to ask for help. At least I saw without teeth

So I did my house Grama, choose the shortest way through courtyards along the deserted golf course. While the most direct way I fought literally wade through deep snow on foot, Irealized it was a mistake. My heart was pounding, my breathing was short and fast, and I began to believe that there was a strong possibility that I may die soon discovered there in my next good old backyard, the faces do not look down at a certain point during the snowmelt in the spring by a golfer in a safe manner if a lifeless corpse hit results in a penalty of two strokes.

Well, needless to say that did not fall this afternoon, and survived the accident with damage only part of my brainShort stories. Grama if spare key, lent me his car, and went back to my castle without further ado, I decided to sit safely for the rest of the afternoon, and Twizzlers Xbox controller firmly in hand.

Locked Out

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

What you should look at when you buy a food processor?

!±8± What you should look at when you buy a food processor?

A food processor is no longer a kitchen appliance used by elite chefs. Because of its immense practical, this kitchen has grown in popularity in time savings over the last few years, will help improve production and reduce costs. Therefore, food manufacturers are easily accessible, even the grace of the most basic kitchens.

Small enough not to take a lot of precious counter space yet strong enough to reduce to a minimum food preparation, food processors are notjust another appliance you use a couple of times and then stored in the cellar when the novelty wears off. Instead of laboriously cutting, grating, chopping, dicing, disc, or puree ingredients recipe, select the right disc, throw in the food processor, and press the speed button. Within seconds, the food is ready.

Occur as with any device processors, the food with a variety of levels and options. Therefore, you must do some research andPlanning before making a purchase. Food processors usually not a big investment, but of course you want your money wisely on what you choose to spend.

Make a list

First, consider what you are using the food processor. What is your budget? They have a large family or groups often invited? Do not you cook often? What foods usually cook? You do not have small children or a child at home?

Make a list of how your food processor can be usedhelps you get in various ways. One, you're less likely or distracted by the variety you are bombarded with overwhelming when shopping. And two, you can narrow the options down, you cut your time to shop and help you select a lot of weed.

Read comments

Next, read online. Many of the consumer review sites to provide neutral comments about the pros and cons of the various food industries. Since they are not associated with one brand or another, can give aclear opinion on how to work the food processor. And as cooks, as has been found to benefit from the same processors. Click here to read our reviews


An important factor that you should look at when buying a food processor is the performance. The stronger the engine, the most expensive processor. However, the benefits outweigh the costs. A fast engine delivers the best hacking time. You can be sure that all foods that may involve very difficult to saythrough him, like coffee beans or meat. In general, the larger engines last longer and have to do an extended warranty than small ones. Performance of a food processor usually runs from 500 to 1,200, with some very small processors, a little 'in some larger and slightly above.


Along with the performance are the speed options. Obviously the motor controls the speed of rotation of the rotor blades revolve around a processor. Most processors have two speeds, low and high.Some include a pulse button, which you can use to manually set the speed. Button is useful for sprinting to the bar through the food chain.

Bowl Options

Bowl size is another factor to consider when buying a food processor. There are three large-size large bowl (full-size), medium (compact) and small (mini). Although the exact size of the pot varies, may tend to large in size, about 9-16 glasses are awesome. 55 medium-sized bowls are about eight cups. And asmall bowl is about 2-4 cups.

Here is where you really think about how much food you need to prepare your processor. Of course, if you have large family and entertain a lot or a small family, but love to cook, or even mini-compact flat could be a challenge to work with. Those who have to worry about constantly worry about the processor to stop, empty the bowl outside and then put back together? Most of the food processor bowl users recommend at least a compact, if not aFull-size bed. Even if it is larger and will never be fully used to sixteen or twelve cups, you still have some space left over. For the choice easier for you to get some food processor marks set with a bowl so that the device bowls after what size you need for the day cooking.

Some dishes come with cup-marks on the sides for easy measurements.

Shells can come from steel or plastic or stainless steel. The plastic is cheap and fairly durable, but tends to stainless steeljuices and food does not last for much longer. Stainless steel, however, is more expensive, but it is as long as you have your food processor.


Attachments are the most exciting part of the food processor. That's where you get to enjoy your own cooking. Each processor has an S-shaped metal plate which is your basic cut and cut. Then there are multitudes of other options to choose from. TurnPotato chips fried in perfect shape with a French fry disc. Whip the eggs in a delicious meringue for a lemon cake. Finely ground spices. Knead dough for bread and pizza in minutes. Shave chocolate chips. Grate the cheese. Slices of fruit and vegetables for salads, you can also choose the thickness of cutting food, choosing the width of the disc. Natural fruit puree, vegetables and even meat safe and nutritious food for the child. The options arelarge as life.

First of all ambitious and available for the purchase of any possibility of editing, but pulls out a list of what is expected for the processor and stick with people using it. If you find that you want, and use the disks at a later time, then you think to buy it. For now, save money and buy the memory only what you know you want to use.

Safety Features

Look at the safety features of a food processor before buying. Check to see ifPosition taken with the feet on the ground to prevent the unit from slipping. Most have options that will not boot the processor when the lid is not properly collected, or if the bowl is to ensure not screwed into the socket. The cylinder must be large enough that you can not cut your finger in and through the blades (not that you need to start your finger in the processor).

Easy to clean

Make sure that the processor will be easy to clean. Who wants to face anotherdifficult to clean the element in the kitchen? It should simply be dismantled and all parts are easily accessible for cleaning and drying, without working to get out particles of food or water left to sit.


Your food processor should be a guarantee. Most are one year, some have two. Whatever the case, read the options in search of warranty before buying.

What you should look at when you buy a food processor?

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